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Considering a Great Pyrenees for your family?
Puppy Buyer... read this from AKC !

Our Breeder Referral Service can help answer your questions about the
breed and connect you with responsible
breeders in our area.

Every breeder on the list has agreed
to abide by the MHGPC Code of Ethics which is adapted from the
Code of the Great Pyrenees Club of America (GPCA). Most are also GPCA members.

Beware of the breeders who won't show you their pedigrees. Nothing to hide when you have the dogs you advertise!!

Call Sue Cole 720-427-3996

Click here to email for the Breeder Referral Service!

GPCA Health Committee Survey Download here

Want to Join the Mile High Great Pyrenees Club?
Print out the application and bring it to the next club meeting.

Read the MHGPC Code of Ethics
and the GPCA code of Ethics


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