In the spring of 1973 at the Colorado Kennel Club show, a questionnaire was circulated ringside to determine interest in an area Great Pyrenees Club; the response was enthusiastic.Twenty-nine fanciers met for the first time in Colorado Springs on June 1, 1973.

The club held a tattoo clinic along with a fun match in September of 1973.  A foundation was established under the auspices of the parent club, the Great Pyrenees Club of America, during the next six months.  The constitution, by-laws and code of ethics approved at that time have served the club during subsequent meetings.  American Kennel Club approved the club’s proposed name at the April 1974 club meeting.  Members of Mile High Great Pyrenees Club announced a second fun match in the first issue of “As it A’Pyrs”, the club newsletter.  AKC club of record status as a sanctioned club was applied for in September 1974.

Monthly pot luck suppers, show movies, conformation classes, stewarding for fellow clubs, booths at purebred exhibits, rummage sales and an awards banquet were shared by fanciers during the time B-OB matches were hosted.  The club supported an entry judged by the breed’s first lady, Mary Crane.  After becoming an AKC accredited club, five AKC sanctioned B-OB matches were held between September 1976 and October 1979, with an average entry of 15 pyrs.  The club’s exhibitors pledged time for regional specialties.  The club, mostly in conjunction with an all breed show, hosted 18 supported entries or specialties.  All but three were licensed through the parent club in conjunction with an all breed show.  All but three were licensed through the parent club as Great Pyrenees Club of America, Rocky Mountain Regional Specialties-the majority in late March in Greeley.  These shows were the focal point of the club’s activities, to the detriment of AKC sanctioned events. Interest waned and AKC sanction was lost.

The success of the annual regional specialty show did, however, substantiate support for the area show.  The club again hosted fun matches towards the goal of earning  re-accreditation and sanction with the America Kennel Club.

Re-accreditation as a club of record with AKC was applied for in March of 1985 and history was repeated.  There were frequent activities and great regional specialties.  A second Great Pyrenees Club of America national specialty was hosted in 1986.  The club found the time and enthusiasm for AKC sanctioned B-OB matches.  Use of the parent club’s licensed status for area specialty shows gratified the club for seventeen years.  Early in 1990 the Board of Directors recommended hosting another national specialty in favor of seeking licensed status for the club.  The two required qualifying AKC sanctioned A-OA matches were held in October of 1990 and in May of 1991 with an average entry of 23 pys.  In June of 1991 the AKC informed the club that records reflected the club’s qualification to submit a presentation requesting licensed status.  The club was approved to hold licensed championship point shows on November 14, 1991 and the club’s first licensed show was February 19, 1993 with 36 pyrs entered-a total of 53 entries.  Since then MHGPC specialty shows are held annually.

In 2000 activities will include the regional specialty, rescue and placement of pyrs in need, a B-OB match, awards banquet, a St. Patrick’s day parade, holiday parties and living up to the club’s logo:  “Dedicated to Breed Excellence”.  Join the fun!  Education is the goal of this small but enthusiastic club.  Meetings are held the last Saturday of each month and all dedicated fanciers are welcome.

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